How to Light Charcoal Without Lighter Fluid?

Answer Charcoal grilling imparts a one-of-a-kind flavor to food. Lighter fluid makes it easier to light the charcoal, but sometimes give an unwanted flavor to the grilled food. If you don't want to use li... Read More »

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What is in charcoal lighter fluid?

Charcoal lighter fluid contains a mixture of hydrocarbons or petroleum distillates, known specifically as aliphatic petroleum naphtha or petroleum naphtha. It is a colorless liquid with a gasoline-... Read More »

How to Create a Strong Burning Charcoal Fire Without Lighter Fluid?

The taste of lighter fluid can ruin your barbecue - by using a chimney starter, you can eliminate the need for lighter fluid, and get rid of some old newspapers as well.

Can I use a charcoal lighter in my Coleman camp stove?

No. Coleman stoves are designed to use certain types of fuel - most often propane or unleaded gasoline. Using charcoal lighter as fuel can not only damage the stove, but cause a fire or explosion.S... Read More »

What type of fluid is "Red and White lighter fluid"?