How to Lift a Car With a Floor Jack?

Answer A floor jack is an easy to use tool to elevate a car for short-term projects, such as tire and oil changes. You can lift a car with a floor jack much faster than with other jack stands, yet just as... Read More »

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How to Use a Floor Jack to Safely Lift Your Car?

Auto maintenance is extremely important for the longevity of your car. When it comes time to crawl underneath your car, the scissor jack that comes with your vehicle may not be sufficient. Using a ... Read More »

How to Maintenance a Pro Lift F Series Hydraulic Floor Jack?

Presenting a series of procedures for maintaining the Pro-Lift F-Series Hydraulic Floor Jacks (esp. models F-332, F-365, et. al.).Described below are the steps necessary for the disassembly, inspec... Read More »

How to Convert Your Floor Jack Into a Transmission Jack?

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome when dropping a transmission is working with its weight. A floor jack provides considerable flexibility by holding the transmission in place while you're wo... Read More »

How to Use a Floor Jack to Jack a Truck?

Trucks are built to ride higher than cars because of their ability to carry heavy loads. Due to the distance between the ground and the base of the truck frame and the weight of your vehicle, it is... Read More »