How to Lift a Car Tire?

Answer Getting a flat tire can quickly ruin a good day. If you discover that your car has a flat, it is important to safely stop driving on the damaged tire as soon as possible, to prevent further damage ... Read More »

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How Do You Lift a Heavy Tire to the Lug Bolts?

There aren't many aspects of car ownership that are more unpleasant than having to change a flat tire while you're out and about. Even at home in the garage, and with the proper tools, the job can ... Read More »

How Do I Lift a Heavy Tire Onto the Lug Nuts?

Lifting a heavy tire onto lug nuts can be difficult if you're not used to lifting heavy objects. It's very important to use caution and follow proper lifting techniques so you don't injure your bac... Read More »

How to Lift a Motorcycle for a Tire Change?

Motorcycles are becoming a popular mode of transportation. With every type of vehicle comes standard repairs. One repair that can often occur on a motorcycle is the need to change a flat tire. Unli... Read More »

How to Lift a Trailer Axle to Change a Tire?

Lifting a trailer axle to change a tire is done by placing a jack under the axle and jacking it up until the tire can be removed from the axle studs. Lifting the axle safely requires solid level gr... Read More »