How to Lift Landscape Stones?

Answer Landscape stones can beautify gardens, yards and pathways but can be difficult to move due to their weight. Flatter stones can be moved by one person using a knowledge of physics and simple machine... Read More »

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Landscape Ideas Using Stones?

Stone provides a cheap, durable building material for adding interest to your landscaping. Natural stone, with its neutral colors, complements the exterior of any home, contrasts with the greenery ... Read More »

DIY Concrete Stones for Landscape?

Landscaping stones are popular in many types of landscaping. They provide visual contrast to plants, mulch, and other landscaping elements. Unless you have a large truck, though, it can be difficul... Read More »

How to Landscape Stones & Bricks?

Bricks and stones are often used for hardscaping or creating borders in a landscape. Although they serve the same purpose, their different looks contribute completely different design aspects. Gard... Read More »

Will Landscape Stones Keep Away Chickens in Flowerbeds?

A landscaped flowerbed is very inviting to a flock of chickens. The soft soil encourages scratching for bugs and various plants provide a tasty snack. Chickens may also take a dust bath in the dirt... Read More »