How to Lift Concrete Porch Slab With Hydraulic Jacks?

Answer If you attempt to remodel an existing patio or porch made of concrete slabs, lifting the slabs is one of the most challenging tasks. Depending on their size, concrete slabs can routinely weigh more... Read More »

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How to Make a Bigger Concrete Porch With an Existing Concrete Porch?

Since concrete porch surfaces usually function only as floors, the joint between separate porch slabs doesn't transfer loads or require intricate joinery. If you attempt to bond the separate slabs ... Read More »

What is the best way to repair a concrete porch when half has sunk 3 inches with a crack dividing the two areas The home is 7 years old and the porch is 20 by 10 feet?

Hint Have same exact problem and didn't solve it yet - but, hopefully, on my way:) There's a technique called "concrete raising" - google it up. They drill small holes in concrete and pump some fil... Read More »

Can I Pour a Concrete Slab Over an Existing Slab?

You can pour more concrete over an existing slab if you do some preparation to the original surface. The problem with adding wet concrete to cured concrete is there will be no adhesion between the ... Read More »

DIY Concrete Slab With a Small Mixer?

Pouring your own small slab, using a mixer, saves money as well as teaches a new skill set. The mixer will help you attain the proper consistency in the concrete, not too thick or runny. It also ke... Read More »