How to Level a Yard to Install Mortar & Flagstone?

Answer A flagstone surface is a nice addition to the backyard as a patio or garden landing. While you won't need the help of equipment, leveling a yard requires quite a bit of manual labor. The main issue... Read More »

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How do I clean dried mortar off flagstone?

Small SpotsUse the sharp edge of a putty knife or chisel to chip off the mortar. Press the edge into the mortar horizontally, and gently tap the handle with a hammer. Do not push the chisel into th... Read More »

How to Level a Yard to Install a Pool?

Much of the work required to install an above ground pool happens before the pool is even removed from the box. Unless your yard is perfectly level, you will have to make adjustments in your soil h... Read More »

How to Install Flagstone?

Installing a flagstone patio may not be as easy as it sounds. So to help you understand how to install a flagstone patio, here are the basic instructions.

How to Install Flagstone Pavers Over Concrete?

Concrete is a durable, long lasting and a useful material for outdoor walkways and patios, but it isn't always the most attractive element in your landscape. Conversely, flagstone pavers add an ele... Read More »