How to Level a Monk in "D&D 3.5"?

Answer The Monk is one of the most powerful basic classes in "Dungeons and Dragons" 3.5. Despite not being able to wear armor and being severely limited in the weapons he is allowed to use, the Monk gains... Read More »

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Does Adrian Monk ever become reinstated from TV show Monk?

What sunglasses does Mr Monk where in Mr Monk Takes a Vacation?

The program was cancelled in June 2011, after a run of 23 years. The network (Fox) made the decision to cancel it. Usually, when a long-running program is cancelled, it's due to declining ratings, ... Read More »

In the show Monk what is the font that the word Monk is written when on the title card?

The font that the word Monk is written in is Gil Sans Ultra Bond.This was taken from a word document I wrote it in :- ( I wrote it a few time to show I actually did it myself and didn't get it off ... Read More »

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