How to Level a Floor With Thinset?

Answer "Leveling" a floor is the process of filling in low spots and spaces before laying wood planks or tiles so those contours don't affect the top flooring material. For especially troublesome floors, ... Read More »

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Can I use thinset on a concrete floor?

Thinset is recommended to use on concrete floors, especially when setting tile, says Tim Carter from Ask the Builder. "Thinset, once mixed with water, has the look and feel of brick mortar." Thinse... Read More »

How do I use a laser level to check a floor level?

Position the lase level in one corner.The laser beam should project along the bottom of the wall parallel to the floor. Using a tape measure, measure from the floor up to the laser beam. Repeat th... Read More »

How to level a kitchen floor?

If you're talking about a couple of small dips, there's a product called "Thin set" or "Floor leveler" that's more or less just mortar that will stick to wood sub flooring. It will work well so lon... Read More »

How do I level a basement floor?

Leveling a basement floor is often necessary to install another type of material on top of it, usually tile, wood or carpet. If the floor is not completely level, then air bubbles can develop and e... Read More »