How to Level Dirt With a Box Blade?

Answer Tractors provide a way for do-it-yourselfers to complete numerous tasks with the right attachments. One such attachment is the box blade. With it you can scrape dirt or gravel from high areas and m... Read More »

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How to Level Dirt?

In order to level dirt it is important to understand that not all dirt is the same. In addition, depending on the reason you want to level dirt, the process will change. For example, if you want to... Read More »

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Can the 1st level plumbing stack in a 2 level house be moved by cutting out a section moving it 2 feet and then reconnecting with right angle joints?

Answer Yes, you can. Although, if you move the end that you have cut and do not move the end at your roof penetration, you could develope a leak at the flashing. To prevent this, try moving the p... Read More »

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