How to Lengthen the Vase Life of Dahlias?

Answer "Vase life" is a term that refers to how long cut flowers can remain fresh and attractive. This varies from one species to another and depends upon atmospheric conditions. Light, room temperature, ... Read More »

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How to Prolong the Vase Life of Cut Sweet Peas?

Sweet peas are a garden favorite due to their pleasant sweet smell, attractive hues and their ability to grow prolifically. If you would like to bring some of them out of the garden and into your h... Read More »

How do i add to a flower vase to prolong flower life?

Water AdditivesAdd cool, pure water to a vase. Stir in a packet of flower food, available from a florist. If you have no flower food, drop in a copper penny, a small amount of sugar (1 tsp. for a l... Read More »

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