How to Leave the Back Window Open on a FJ Cruiser While Driving?

Answer If you have large items you need to carry in the FJ Cruiser's rear compartment, you may need to drive with the back window open. Although this is possible, it's only recommended if you have no othe... Read More »

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Has anyone gotten hit in the head by a bird while driving with the window down?

lol omg um NO I HAVE NOT but..not only is that crazy but i have never heard of that EVER! lol i dont think you need to leave the widows up anymore, the chances or that happening agian are very very... Read More »

Are you supposed to leave the oven door open while broiling?

On One Hand: Leave the Door OpenThe reason our mothers left the oven door open when they were broiling was because older ovens had a set temperature at which they would automatically shut off. Cook... Read More »

Your Open Question: In what situation might you decide to leave your window uncovered?

1. If there's no chance that someone could see in through that window2. If no private activities will be taking place in there -- example, my laundry room3. If the window has frosted or obscured glass

Is it okay to leave your eyes open while you scan your face?

thinking abt it was probably not the best idea to keep ur eyes open. Just like I have gotten told pointing at lazor pointer into someones eye isnt a good thing because one could go blind...come to ... Read More »