How to Leave the Back Window Open on a FJ Cruiser While Driving?

Answer If you have large items you need to carry in the FJ Cruiser's rear compartment, you may need to drive with the back window open. Although this is possible, it's only recommended if you have no othe... Read More »

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Your Open Question: In what situation might you decide to leave your window uncovered?

1. If there's no chance that someone could see in through that window2. If no private activities will be taking place in there -- example, my laundry room3. If the window has frosted or obscured glass

Would I get laughed at for driving a cruiser?

It's not a freaking fashion show. It's about the bikes!Will you get laughed at? Only if your friends are *ssholes, and we've all got a few of those hanging around, don't we?Look at it this way: ... Read More »

DIY Window Motor in a PT Cruiser?

The window motor on your PT Cruiser is the electrical device that allows you to raise and lower the window. If the motor burns out, replace it as soon as possible so you can continue operating your... Read More »

How to Replace the Window Motor in a PT Cruiser?

PT Cruisers equipped with power windows rely on the window motor to move the glass up and down. These motors are designed to last for years, but eventually they will need to be replaced. In order t... Read More »