How to Leave a Home to Heirs?

Answer If you own your own home, then you need to make arrangements for it for after you die just like any other asset. You might think that choosing who you would want to inherit the home and then lettin... Read More »

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Can a home owners association pursue deceased heirs?

You probably mean can an HOA pursue heirs of a deceased unit owner, or you might mean deceased heirs: in any event, some deceased person(s) owes the HOA money. The association's best leverage is o... Read More »

Is it safe to leave a radiant oil heater on when you leave home?

Turning off all noncentral heaters when you leave your home is best. However, electric oil heaters are some of the safest. If you chose to leave it on, plug it into a wall socket, not an extension ... Read More »

Agree or disagree: The home you raise your kids in is the home they strive to create when they leave?

Agree.Here is the sad part . . . even when it WAS a BAD HOME . . . we still re-create it subconsciously.Children born into alcoholic homes, with abuse . . .tend to grow up to be alcoholics, or marr... Read More »

How to Leave an Unhappy Home?

Are you in a relationship that is not going well, but live together? Whether you are a married, engaged or just live-in boyfriend/girlfriend, this page should help you get out of this unfortunate s... Read More »