How to Learn to Touch Nicely in Preschool?

Answer To a preschooler, inexperienced in the ways of the world, even simple things -- like touching nicely instead of hitting -- can seem complex. If the preschooler in your charge seems to struggle with... Read More »

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How to Learn Art for Preschool?

Helping preschool children learn art involves finding a balance between guidance and allowing their own creativity free rein. By teaching kids the basics of lines, shapes and colors, you give them... Read More »

How to Learn the ABC's for Preschool?

Teaching your child to learn the ABC's for preschool can be an exciting and rewarding task. As you introduce new letters and sounds to your child, you will open up your child's path to literacy and... Read More »

How to Learn at Home for a Preschool?

Home schooling is the experience of educating your child at home. If your child has special needs that cannot be met in a local preschool or you simply prefer to teach her yourself, you can help yo... Read More »

How to Learn Shapes in Preschool?

Shapes is 1 of the topics taught during preschool mathematics. The students must not only learn the name of basic shapes but also how they integrate with each other. Preschool students should also ... Read More »