How to Learn to Draw for Kids?

Answer Kids love to be creative--sometimes with the wrong materials on your brand-new carpet. A great way to point them toward a more constructive outlet is with a drawing lesson. Even after you give them... Read More »

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Can anyone learn to draw?

On One Hand: Some People Have Natural TalentAs in any field of work, some people are just naturally better artists than others. Most children can draw at the same basic level, but as they age, some... Read More »

How to Learn to Draw Dragons?

Dragons are imaginary creatures found in the ancient mythologies of several cultures, including those of China and West Europe. Popular lore of Western culture usually portrays dragons as enemies o... Read More »

How to Learn How to Draw Guns?

Guns are firearms with a history dating back several hundred years. This history begins with China's invention of gunpowder in the ninth century. Devices that used the gunpowder to cast a projectil... Read More »

How Can I Learn to Draw Clothes?

Knowing how to draw clothing is an essential skill for fashion design, portraiture or cartooning. According to Betty Edwards, author of "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain," learning to draw re... Read More »