How to Learn the Armenian Alphabet?

Answer Armenian is an Indo-European language spoken in Armenia, a landlocked country in Central Asia, as well as in many Armenian communities across the globe. The Armenians are an ancient people with a d... Read More »

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How to Learn Armenian?

The Armenian language (հայերեն լեզու, Armenian pronunciation: [hɑjɛɹɛn lɛzu] — hayeren lezow, conventional short form hayeren) is an Indo-Eur... Read More »

How to Learn the Armenian Language On Line?

Learning languages is easily facilitated by online tools. You can use the Internet to learn Armenian, a language spoken by over five million people around the world. Almost half of the world's Arme... Read More »

How to Learn the Armenian Language Fast?

Learning a language can take years, especially if people start when they are older. They have to regularly read, write, speak and hear a language to learn it thoroughly. Individuals more regularly ... Read More »

How can I help my daughter learn her alphabet?

being frustrated in not going to help her at all..... not a rude comment - just relax and keep working w/ her. Thats the best thing you can do as a mother.