How to Learn the Alphabet Through Games?

Answer Alphabet letter identification is the first step a student takes when learning to read. Most students can recite the alphabet by the time they start kindergarten and learning to recognize the shape... Read More »

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Outdoor Games to Learn the Alphabet?

Teaching young children the alphabet doesn't have to be limited to seat work and pencil and paper assignments. You can take kids outside to teach them their ABCs in the fresh air and sunshine. In f... Read More »

How do i learn pronunciation of vocabulary through games?

Sound It OutCompete with a friend or classmate to see who can find the most things in the room with a certain sound in their name.Tongue TwistersTime yourself to see how fast you can say tongue twi... Read More »

How to Learn German Through Games for Kids?

It is a good idea to introduce children to foreign languages from an early age. Children who learn a foreign language from an early age have a better chance of retaining that language as an adult.... Read More »

How to Learn the Alphabet in Preschool?

The alphabet is the foundation of all written language. And although your preschooler is already speaking, he may not know yet be familiar with those words in their written form. Children typically... Read More »