How to Learn Words in the Brazilian Portuguese Language?

Answer There are over 188 million Portuguese speakers in the world, according to Omniglot Writing Systems and Languages of the World. It is the main language of the largest country in South America, Brazi... Read More »

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How to Write Bye in Brazilian Portuguese?

There are many ways to write bye in Brazilian Portuguese. These are some casual ways. Use them and impress your friends.

How to Say Common Words and Phrases in Portuguese?

Here's how to say and write some common words, phrases and expressions in Portuguese.These words and expressions are all in Portuguese from Portugal. Brazilian Portuguese can be very different. Por... Read More »

Is Portuguese a Romance language?

Portuguese is a Romance language that evolved from spoken Latin after Roman soldiers brought the language to the region in 218 B.C. About 210 million people worldwide speak Portuguese, mostly in Po... Read More »

Language Schools for Portuguese?

Portuguese is a romance language that spread worldwide after Portugal became a colonial empire in the 15th century. Learning this language will open up communication with individuals who speak it. ... Read More »