How to Learn Tamil Alphabets?

Answer The Tamil language is one of the oldest language in the world.It has numerous literatures than any other language.So,Tamil has been rewarded as "classical language" by the Indian government.There a... Read More »

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How to Learn Urdu Alphabets?

Urdu and Hindi are very similar and considered by some to be synonymous with one another, yet they have distinctive differences in their alphabet writing styles. Learning the Urdu and Hindi alphabe... Read More »

How to Learn Hindi Through Tamil?

The knowledge of Tamil alone will greatly hinder your chances of communication with people from parts of India other than Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. As India's national language, Hindi enjoys the ... Read More »

How to Learn Tamil Quickly?

Tamil is a Dravidian language spoken by about 66 million people worldwide. According to the Ethnologue language report, the majority of Tamil speakers live in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu althoug... Read More »

How to Learn Tamil Typing?

The official language of Sri Lanka and southeastern India's Tamil Nadu province, Tamil is spoken and understood by millions of people. As is the case with other Indian languages such as Hindi and M... Read More »