How to Learn Spreadsheet Electrical Estimating?

Answer To be a successful electrical contractor, estimating is an essential skill, and a spreadsheet is foundational for predicting costs. According to Learn-Electrical-Estimating, there are more than 87,... Read More »

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How to Learn Spreadsheet Basics with Calc?

The term spreadsheet was derived from a large piece of paper that accountants used for business finances. The accountant would spread information like costs, payments, taxes, income, etc out on a s... Read More »

How to Learn Electrical Design?

Electrical designers are responsible for everything from the minutest aspects of electricity, such as the way a light switch operates, to staggeringly complicated systems that provide electricity t... Read More »

How do I do construction estimating?

You have learned your trade and become a master. Now it is time to move out on your own. Licensing, insurance, taxes and sales are all new skills you will need to learn to succeed. But, none is mor... Read More »

Rules for Estimating the Value of a Business?

Estimating the value of a business can be a difficult task. The value of a business will depend on several factors, including the value to the buyer, the number of competing buyers and the growth p... Read More »