How to Learn Spanish Phrases That Are Written Phonetically?

Answer When learning Spanish, students begin practicing with phrases that are written phonetically in order to become familiar with the sounds of the words and the structure of sentences. Since Spanish is... Read More »

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How to Learn to Read Phonetically?

Phonics is a method of reading that emphasizes the letter-sound relationship. Students usually begin learning phonics skills in Kindergarten and continue through 2nd grade. When children learn to r... Read More »

How to Learn Dutch Phrases?

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How to Learn Turkish Phrases?

Learning Turkish phrases is like learning any foreign language: It requires patience, perseverance and motivation. Contemporary technology greatly facilitates the learning of languages, though mor... Read More »

How to Learn Idioms and Phrases?

Idioms are words or phrases with an informal meaning that is different from the words' dictionary definitions. For example, "under the weather" is an idiom: it means "sick," not "beneath rain or su... Read More »