How to Learn Shapes for Kindergarten?

Answer As with learning anything new for the first time, learning shapes can be difficult in Kindergarten. With repetition and persistence, learning becomes easier for a child. Children learn by doing, so... Read More »

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Games With 2D Shapes for Kindergarten?

By the time children are in kindergarten, they are usually developing an understanding of the world around them. Teaching them about shapes can help them investigate their environments and begin to... Read More »

Ideas on 3-D Shapes for Kindergarten?

Learning about shapes can be a lot more fun for kindergarten students if they have some hands-on activities to aid in their learning. To teach kindergartners about 3-D shapes, get them involved in ... Read More »

Kindergarten Activities on Geometric Shapes?

A foundational skill for kindergarteners is the ability to identify, name, sort and compare geometric shapes. While some students may already know basic shapes and names, it is important to continu... Read More »

How to Create a Pattern of Three Shapes for Kindergarten?

Patterns are a pre-math skill that children are expected to master by the end of their kindergarten year. Patterning is actually an algebraic skill that helps learners recognize the relationships b... Read More »