How to Learn Shapes Such as the Triangle & the Circle?

Answer Learning shapes for a preschool child is a precursor to learning geometry and spacial reasoning. Students who learn shapes early may learn future skills easier because of a geometric learning base.... Read More »

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The Different Shapes of an Isosceles Triangle?

Geometry students have to memorize a variety of shapes to succeed in class, many of which have different and confusing names. For example, triangles can be equilateral, where all of the sides and a... Read More »

Preschool Projects Using Triangle Shapes?

Preschoolers need to learn about all the shapes, but triangles are particularly easy for them to recognize. Unlike squares, rectangles and trapezoids, triangles don't have any other shapes that res... Read More »

How to Have a Circle With Eight Shapes & Only Using Three Lines?

A circle is a 360 degree shape that offers an infinite amount of symmetry lines. This means a circle can fold across each line of symmetry to create a reflection or "mirror image." Cut out a circle... Read More »

Instructions for Inscribing a Circle in a Given Triangle?

In your Geometry classes, you will frequently have to work with triangles, and you will have to be familiar with how to find the center point of a triangle. As well, you will need to be familiar wi... Read More »