How to Learn Senet in "The Sims 3"?

Answer The Sims 3 World Adventures game expansion introduces globetrotting to the Sims 3 world. With the expansion installed, you can go to a number of foreign destinations, participating in adventures th... Read More »

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The Fastest Way to Learn Logic in "Sims 3"?

In the game "The Sims 3," your Sims are able to learn the logic skill to learn about the stars, find unknown planets and teach others. It is a fairly easy skill to learn, but it does take some time... Read More »

How to Train Your Sims 3 Pets to Learn Skills?

Have you spent hour after hour searching for how to teach Fido to sit? Is Tiddles bringing leaves back?Is star running for his life when he sees a jump? Here is how train them.

How do you learn handiness and gardening skills in Sims 3?

Handiness can be learnt by reading the Handiness book in a book shelve or by tinkering certain objects like the toilet, shower, sink, computer, etc.To improve gardening, you can buy vegetables from... Read More »

How to Play Senet?

A Senet game from the tomb of Amenhotep III — the Brooklyn Museum, New York CitySenet or (senat) may be the oldest board game in the world, although it is impossible to prove which game is the ol... Read More »