How to Learn Remote Viewing in 30 Days?

Answer Some believe remote viewing is the ability to see people, places, objects or events in your mind when you can't view them with your eyes. "Anyone can learn to do it in an afternoon. After that, it'... Read More »

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How to Do Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing (RV) is a learned skill that enables people to decipher images of people, locations, places and objects in a mental capacity, without any foreknowledge of the subject. RV is classifi... Read More »

Aside from Remote Viewing and the Philadelphia Experiment in teleportation has the US military tried any other experimentation with paranormal phenomena?

AnswerI suspect that anyone that might know the answer to this question is still under obligation to maintain confidentiality.________________________Ah, time to break the silence I suppose, lol.Th... Read More »

Does the viewing angle make a difference when viewing movies on a 3d tv?

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