How to Learn Qur'anic Arabic?

Answer It is mandatory for Muslims to master the Quran, which is their holy book. The Quran contains classical Arabic that was popular before the emergence of modern Arabic in the 19th century. The dialec... Read More »

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How to Learn Quranic Arabic for Free?

Knowledge of Arabic language and culture is becoming increasingly important in several industries. The modern forms of Arabic are vital for business and international relations, but Qur'anic Arabic... Read More »

How to Learn Arabic?

People learn Arabic for a variety of reasons: for work, for travel, for religious purposes, because of marriage or friendship with an Arab, or simply as a hobby. Here's some guidelines on how to le... Read More »

How to Learn Arabic With a CD?

Arabic is a challenging language for English speakers to learn. Using a CD allows the student to hear the correct usage and pronunciation of the Arabic words, which is not always clear from a writt... Read More »

How to Learn Business Arabic?

A Semitic language written from right to left, Arabic words are constructed and spelled as they sound. Twenty-eight letters comprise the Arabic alphabet. Over 200 million people speak Arabic as a n... Read More »