How to Learn Psychic Powers?

Answer Everyone has the potential to learn and develop psychic powers. Although learning psychic powers (a.k.a. psionic abilities) requires time, patience, the will to apply yourself and daily practice. S... Read More »

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How to Tap Your Psychic Powers?

Psychic abilities are frequent controversial subjects. Many people don't believe that genuine psychic powers exist while others swear to have experienced powerful premonitions of things to come. Be... Read More »

How to Unlock Hidden Psychic Powers in the Mind?

Most psychics will tell you that everyone has psychic potential. Whether it is a physiological brain function or a spiritual endeavor, psychic "powers" can help you avoid danger, connect with the s... Read More »

How do kids learn to be psychic?

Babies are born with naturally acute sensitivities and few filters. As children grow, society shuts down their psychic potential by telling them what to believe. Their potential increases when thei... Read More »

What does psychic mean?

The word "psychic" is derived from the Greek word "psychikos," or "of the soul, mental." It is something that is affected or influenced by the human mind. Another definition of it is "that which is... Read More »