How to Learn Positive & Negative Integers for Dummies?

Answer Positive and negative integers can be tricky for children to understand, but relating integers to content they may already be familiar with will help them learn. A thermometer is a common tool used... Read More »

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Can a child have o positive blood if the mother is A positive and the father is A negative?

Yes. Regarding blood type, each person has two blood group genes--one from each parent. The blood types sort like this:For blood type O: O/OFor blood type A: either A/A or A/OFor blood type B: eith... Read More »

How can a child's blood type be A positive if mom is O positive and dad is AB negative?

Answer because the dad blood was stronger and one positive and one negative make a positive

Can a hiv negative man marry a hiv positive woman and remain negative?

How to Add Negative Integers?

The introduction of negative integers opens up a whole new world of numbers on the other side of zero. Integers are whole numbers, or numbers without fractions or decimals. When an integer is negat... Read More »