How to Learn Phonics With a Rabbit Read Reader?

Answer Reader Rabbit phonics programs are a fun and effective way to teach children to read. Phonics is one important aspect of reading instruction and helps students put letter sounds together to make wo... Read More »

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How do I read with Reader Rabbit?

Determing Which Title to BuyReader Rabbit reading instruction software comes in several levels, from preschool to second grade. Decide what level is appropriate for your child. Instead of basing ... Read More »

How to Learn to Read Letters and Words With Phonics?

The process of learning to read is somewhat intuitive. Children pick up language just by watching, listening and imitating their parents. However, by implementing phonics into the process, children... Read More »

Learning to Read With Phonics for Children?

Phonics focus on the letter-sound relationship. Teaching children to identify letters and their sounds helps them learn to read and spell. Because of its heavy reliance on sounding words out, or de... Read More »

How to Read Barcodes With a Webcam and Katanshi Barcode Reader?

Do you own a webcam as well as Katanshi Bar-code Reader Software? If you do, you can read bar-codes. Learn how to use this software and your webcam after reading and following the directions in thi... Read More »