How to Learn Meters & the Metric System?

Answer The metric system is the most widely used system of measurement in the world today. By design, it is easy to use and memorize, but if you are from the United States, Britain or a few other countrie... Read More »

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How to Learn Metric System in the Sixth Grade?

Sixth-grade students are pre-teens who are capable of learning song lyrics or the rules to a new video game in a short time. Why? Because it interests them. The metric system on the other hand can ... Read More »

The Advantages of the Metric System Over the English System?

The differences between the metric and the English systems of measurement are vast. Though the English system is much older than the metric system, older, in this case, doesn't necessarily mean bet... Read More »

The perimeter of a dog pen is twenty four meters The length is five meters What is the width of the dog pen in meters?

I am guessing this is a homework question so I will explain how to get the answer rather than just answer it. If the length is 10 meters then the 2 sides of the length equal 10 meters. If you subtr... Read More »

Metric System Projects?

Knowledge of the metric system is more critical than ever. The majority of the world uses the metric system, and even the U.S., which has long resisted switching to the metric system, uses it in sc... Read More »