How to Learn Languages Fast?

Answer Learning a foreign language can be a rewarding process with possible benefits for both work and pleasure. It is also a task which will involve much time and effort. To minimize this time and effort... Read More »

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How to Learn Four Languages?

If you are including English in your four-language project, you would be "quadrillingual." If you are going for five, congratulations, as that will make you a "polyglot." Chinese is the most spoken... Read More »

How to Learn Languages on Mp3?

Research shows that there is a direct relation between listening and language acquisition (this is how you learned your native tongue!) so if you don't want to do anything else, listen. Every singl... Read More »

How to Learn Two Languages at Once?

For many North Americans, learning two languages at once sounds like a real challenge, but in many parts of the world, people live in multilingual environments. According to Janet Werker, a researc... Read More »

How to Learn Two Languages at the Same Time?

Learning two languages at the same time is difficult, but not impossible. With a proper strategy for study and practice, you can successfully learn to speak two distinct languages simultaneously.