How to Learn Hundredths With Fraction Bars?

Answer Fraction bars are color-coded bars used for teaching fractions to children. The bars often start with one undivided bar to show a whole, then a bar divided in half to show halves and so on. The sma... Read More »

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How to Solve Equations With Fraction Bars?

In all equation-solving problems, you must be able to isolate the variable on one side of the equation. In equations in which the variable has a coefficient, fraction bars -- multicolored strips of... Read More »

How to Use Fraction Bars to Find the Sum or Difference?

When teachers first introduce fractions to students, they use fraction bars to represent fractions visually. Fraction bars are transparent, plastic-covered strips that students physically manipulat... Read More »

Fraction Activity With Hershey Bars?

Fractions can be a daunting lesson for many elementary school students. Integrating something that each child can relate to, such as Hershey's candy bars, aids in the comprehension of the concept. ... Read More »

If 2 cartons of eggs are full and the third is not what will the fraction and the mixed fraction be?