How to Learn Good Left Hand Control on the Piano?

Answer Many right-handed pianists struggle with difficult passages for the left hand. Scales, arpeggios, octaves, chords and other figures become a stumbling block that prevents them from playing some pia... Read More »

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Techniques for Left Hand Jazz Piano?

Jazz piano has evolved to include a seemingly endless variety of styles and techniques, from classic ragtime and blues to modern modal music and latin jazz. The left hand is extremely important in ... Read More »

How to Play Left Hand Voicings in Jazz (Piano)?

In a jazz band, you want to be able to play nice sounding voicings in your left hand that complement the rest of the band, while playing a melody/solo in your right. Here's how to voice drop-root v... Read More »

How to Read the Left Hand in Piano Sheet Music?

The piano is a popular musical instrument featuring 88 keys in repeating groups of seven notes, labeled A through G. The key in the middle of the piano, middle C, separates the bass clef from the t... Read More »

How Do I Learn to Use the Right & Left Hands Independently for the Piano?

Piano music typically requires the performer to play passages and chords with both hands simultaneously. These can include complicated rhythms and passages requiring each hand to move in different ... Read More »