How to Learn English in a Country Where English Is Not the First Language?

Answer Studying English can open up a world of opportunities. For the professional, the language may be the key to better jobs overseas or a promotion at home. A student could study abroad at many college... Read More »

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Is it hard to learn English if you don't live in an English country?

On One Hand: The Right Tools Can HelpLearning English in a country where English is not generally spoken can be facilitated with the right tools. Taking advantage of books, recordings and online sc... Read More »

How to Learn English in an English Speaking Country?

Learning a new language can open doors to different cultures and experiences. Learning English in an English-speaking country puts you at an advantage, allowing you to practice English not only in ... Read More »

How to Learn the Old English Language?

For the speaker of modern English, learning the Old English language can be like learning a completely different language. While a few weeks of exposure and study can usually prepare you to read wo... Read More »

Reasons to Learn the English Language?

English developed in the 5th Century when German tribes such as the Angles, Saxons and Jutes settled what is now England. It was spread around the world in the 17th through 19th centuries by Englis... Read More »