How to Learn Different Languages Quickly?

Answer Learning a new language is an exciting opportunity to explore new vistas, cultures and people. It gives you the little joy of being able to read classic books written in their original language. Le... Read More »

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How to Learn Four Languages?

If you are including English in your four-language project, you would be "quadrillingual." If you are going for five, congratulations, as that will make you a "polyglot." Chinese is the most spoken... Read More »

How to Learn Two Languages at Once?

For many North Americans, learning two languages at once sounds like a real challenge, but in many parts of the world, people live in multilingual environments. According to Janet Werker, a researc... Read More »

How to Learn Languages on Mp3?

Research shows that there is a direct relation between listening and language acquisition (this is how you learned your native tongue!) so if you don't want to do anything else, listen. Every singl... Read More »

How to Learn Languages With Books?

Learning a language is a challenge that requires concentration, focus, and motivation but can be made easier with the right teaching tools. You can learn to read and write the language of your choi... Read More »