How to Learn Decimal Fractions?

Answer Fraction-decimal conversion is an operation that can trip-up any math student. But, as long as she has a firm grasp of place value in decimals and fraction reduction, the process is simple. By conv... Read More »

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How to Write Fractions as a Decimal Number?

The bar that divides the numbers in a fraction is really a division sign. This makes a fraction simply a shorthand way of describing the division of two numbers. When you complete this division, th... Read More »

Casio fx-85GT PLUS: decimal instead of fractions?

The manual is available online -…What you want is described in pages e-5 and e-6I would set the calulator in FIX mode with at least 2 decimal points (NOT ... Read More »

How to Change Fractions to a Decimal & a Percentage?

Many students fail to realize that fractions, decimals and percentages are actually three different ways of writing the same number. Therefore, it's possible to switch among different forms with mi... Read More »

How to Convert Decimal Fractions to Hexadecimal?

A "decimal fraction" is defined as a fraction which has a base-10 denominator such as 10, 100, 1000 and so forth. Rather than base-10, "hexadecimals" are based on base-16 mathematics. In the base-1... Read More »