How to Learn About the Puritans?

Answer There are many ways to educate yourself on topics you are interested in. With the internet at our fingertips, that is one way to learn about the Puritans. The Puritans were members of an English re... Read More »

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What Kind of Homes Did Puritans Live In?

Early Puritan settlers built homes along the New England coastline. The earliest houses had to be built quickly so the settlers could survive the upcoming winter so they were constructed of readily... Read More »

What Kind of Freedom Were the Puritans Looking For?

The Puritans wanted the freedom to practice their religion as they liked. Because religion dominated their lives and their world, freedom of religion for the Puritans meant the freedom to structure... Read More »

How to Learn About Zen?

Learning about Zen is not achieving Zen. Spiritual peace is a badge worn on the soul, life changing in our awareness. It takes strength and a steady mind to be obtained and once we are spiritually ... Read More »

How to Learn About Oil Spills?

Oil spills can cause a lot of distress to many communities near the ocean. Oil does not mix well with water. Oil spills are commonly caused by an oil tanker leak in the ocean. When an oil spill hap... Read More »