How to Learn About the Boll Weevil for Kids?

Answer The boll weevil has the reputation of being a bug that destroys cotton crops. There is more to a boll weevil than meets the eye. There is also more than one way to learn about the boll weevil. Kids... Read More »

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Weevil Facts?

Weevils are a type of very small beetle with distinctive characteristics. Throughout the entire world, approximately 60,000 different species of weevils are known to exist and are generally divided... Read More »

How to Control Boll Weevils?

The Boll Weevil Eradication Program is a cooperative effort between state officials and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to eradicate the boll weevil from U.S. cotton farms. The b... Read More »

How to Help Kids Who Don't Want to Learn?

While teaching can be a rewarding profession, working with children who resist learning can cause frustration and stress, as well as prevent children who do want to learn from doing so. However, it... Read More »

How do kids learn?

Children passively learn a lot about the world around them in their early years, so how they learn is a frequently discussed topic that aims at the heart of what will stimulate a child's intellect ... Read More »