How to Learn About the Amish in Pennsylvania?

Answer The Amish are a religious sect known for their plain and simple lifestyle and rejection of modern conveniences. There is a large community of Amish in Pennsylvania, where they farm the land and liv... Read More »

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Amish Tourism in York, Pennsylvania?

The Amish first came to Pennsylvania in the 1700s as part of William Penn's "Holy Experiment." Since then they have strived to live a simple life. The Amish live primarily in Pennsylvania, Ohio and... Read More »

Do the Amish pay property& state taxes in Pennsylvania?

Members of the Amish society pay property and state taxes in the state of Pennsylvania and also pay sales tax and federal income tax. Self-employed Amish people do not have to pay Social Security t... Read More »

How to Learn Sign Language in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania?

Sign language is a form of communication that uses hand motions, shapes and positions, facial expressions and body movements to send messages from person to person. It is not much different than sp... Read More »

Do you need a Pennsylvania drivers licence to get Pennsylvania auto insurance?

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