How to Learn About Shapes for Pre-K?

Answer The world of a preschool student is full of mystery, excitement and curiosity. As a preschool instructor, you can channel this creative energy into learning through a bit of planning. Before your p... Read More »

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How to Learn Shapes and Coloring?

Teach your child both shapes and coloring while creating a lasting project that will continue to help her learn. The supplies are cheap, and the skills learned are plenty. Your child will learn how... Read More »

How to Learn Solid Shapes?

Children begin to learn about shapes in kindergarten, beginning with plane shapes then proceeding to solid shapes. Solid shapes are three-dimensional shapes, including cylinders, cubes, prisms, pyr... Read More »

How to Learn 3 Dimensional Shapes?

The study of 3-dimensional shapes is a part of geometry. All 3-dimensional figures must have height, width and length. Their flat surfaces are called faces, the sides of which are called lateral fa... Read More »

How to Learn About 2D Shapes for Kids?

The world is made of shapes. Bridges are made of big triangles. Windows are rectangles. Car wheels are circles. While these are examples of 3D objects, they are representative of 2D shapes that stu... Read More »