How to Learn About Fractions?

Answer Learning fractions can be made easier by working with food because it is through food that people have developed intuitions that can help them when they study with a book. For example, many student... Read More »

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How to Learn About Fractions in Math?

Being able to understand fractions in math opens the door up to understanding other concepts, such as decimals and fractions. Many different methods can be used to learn about fractions, but pictor... Read More »

How to Learn Decimal Fractions?

Fraction-decimal conversion is an operation that can trip-up any math student. But, as long as she has a firm grasp of place value in decimals and fraction reduction, the process is simple. By conv... Read More »

How to Learn Fractions & Measurement?

Unlike many math skills that seem to have no place in daily life, fractions and measurement come in handy. Whether you want to measure the size of your bedroom compared to your sister's room, or di... Read More »

How to Learn Fractions for Adults?

Fractions are used in math to represent many different kinds of mathematical data. The fraction 3/4 represents a ratio (three out of four pieces of pizza had pepperoni), a measurement (three-fourth... Read More »