How to Learn 3 Dimensional Shapes?

Answer The study of 3-dimensional shapes is a part of geometry. All 3-dimensional figures must have height, width and length. Their flat surfaces are called faces, the sides of which are called lateral fa... Read More »

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Three-Dimensional Shapes Activities?

Cylinders, cones, pyramids, spheres and cubes are simple three-dimensional shapes often taught to elementary school students beginning their study of the subject. The concept of a third dimension c... Read More »

How to Make Three Dimensional Shapes With Magnetix?

A magnetic igloo made of squares and triangles!Have a lot of Magnetix lying around and don't know of anything to make? Here are some ideas! Use these simply as guidelines--there is no limit to your... Read More »

How to Learn About Shapes for Pre-K?

The world of a preschool student is full of mystery, excitement and curiosity. As a preschool instructor, you can channel this creative energy into learning through a bit of planning. Before your p... Read More »

How to Learn Shapes in Preschool?

Shapes is 1 of the topics taught during preschool mathematics. The students must not only learn the name of basic shapes but also how they integrate with each other. Preschool students should also ... Read More »