How to Lead so People Will Follow?

Answer Leadership is not a simple thing. Authority is not the same as leadership and often managers with authority make poor leaders. Leaders are those who challenge the status quo and inspire others to d... Read More »

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Why do I follow people on instagram who I didn't choose to follow?

If you think someone got into your account, change the password.

Do you think that the American FDA should follow the lead of the EMA (European Medicines Agency?

You are right on target. Better yet, we ought to privatize it so it can operate like the Better Business Bureaus that get paid for good reviews. Actually the entire process ought to be put onlin... Read More »

Should the west follow China's lead and offer discounts to girls wearing miniskirts?

Great idea! Yes. Parade a few by me first for my review.

Will you follow me on twitter please i will follow back everyone And recommend others to follow you?

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