How to Layer Hair?

Answer A layered haircut is designed to make the top layers of hair shorter than the bottom layers. This popular style gives the hair a full, blended appearance and is easy to manage because the style is ... Read More »

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Should i get ombre hair, or blonde tips, or should i bleach the bottom under layer of my hair?

This is just my opinion:Curly/wavy hairBottom Layer: 4/10Tips: 5/10Ombre: 10/10Straight hairBottom layer: 5/10Tips: 10/10Ombre: 4/10Hope this helps!

How to Layer a Kid's Hair?

Cutting kid's hair is slightly different from cutting an adults hair because kids often move around a lot and have softer and lighter hair. When cutting a kid's hair, it is important to be aware of... Read More »

How to Layer Emo Hair?

Emo hairstyles often incorporate choppy, detached layers. The layers can be "unattached" in the sense that they do not follow a pattern of an inch between layers. Instead, there may be three layers... Read More »

How to Layer Emo Boy Hair?

There is no one look for an emo boy hairstyle; rather, they are all about individual preference and personality. Anyone can create an emo hairstyle; try them out on yourself or have a friend do it.... Read More »