How to Layer Black Hair?

Answer Cutting layers into your hair is a good way to change the style of your hair without sacrificing its length. Having a layered haircut complements many different personal styles and face shapes. Af... Read More »

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Should i get ombre hair, or blonde tips, or should i bleach the bottom under layer of my hair?

This is just my opinion:Curly/wavy hairBottom Layer: 4/10Tips: 5/10Ombre: 10/10Straight hairBottom layer: 5/10Tips: 10/10Ombre: 4/10Hope this helps!

Is it still considered a "black and tan" if i layer the beers in my stomach instead of the glass?

Not in Ireland.But don't worry.Pirates are excused any and all faux paswhen it comes to drinking etiquette rules..

I have what looks like a layer thick black soot on my gardenia leaves and stalk, can anyone help me?

You have "sooty mold" which is caused from 4 possible sources. The sources are... Aphids, Mealybugs, Scale, and White flies. You need to look real close to the stems and undersides of the leaves to... Read More »

Baked beans - How can I clean a bean pot (the top half has accumulated a black layer over the years)?

I use powdered DISHWASER soap. Sprinkle a few tblsps into your pot, add some boiling water and let it soak for a couple of hrs. This works for me.