How to Lay a Paving Stone Path?

Answer A paving stone path in your front or back yard will bring new beauty to your home. Planning and installing the stone path will typically take just a few days, depending on your design. The steps f... Read More »

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How to Lay a Patio by Paving Non-Rectangular Slate Stone?

Many people look at patios made from natural stone as cheaper alternatives to purchasing cut stones. However, when you consider the time and extra materials necessary to install non-rectangular pav... Read More »

Leak from under paving stone on first floor veranda?

When a football travels through the air does it always follow a curved path called a parabolic path?

Any projectile, or object with a constant horizontal velocity, follows a parabolic path. When thrown, a football has a constant velocity as no other forces are acting on it in a horizontal directio... Read More »

On Google Earth, after youve set a Path, is there an option to save the Path....?

No but you can see the path in google maps and then you can save the linksorry let me try again...In google eath is a botton to press witch will take you to google maps... then you can save the li... Read More »