How to Lay Out Math Problems in Fraction Form?

Answer A fraction is a number expressed as two numbers, one on top and one on the bottom, with a line in between them. The top number is the numerator, and the bottom number is the denominator. When you h... Read More »

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How to Do Fraction Problems in Math?

Fractions are composed of the number of parts (numerator) divided by how many parts make a whole (denominator). For example, if there are two slices of pie and five pieces make a whole pie, the fra... Read More »

How to Solve Fraction and Addition Math Problems?

Adding fractions is difficult for many students. They have just barely got used to the idea of fractions when they encounter the idea of adding fractions. For fractions, addition is much more compl... Read More »

How to Decode Fraction Word Problems in Math?

Word problems are mathematical questions with an extra step. Solving the problem is only half of the process. The other half is translating the word problem into the correct mathematical expression... Read More »

How to Solve Standard Form Math Problems?

You can write numbers in standard form or expanded form. Examples of standard form include "4,821," "9,800,654" or "345." Examples of expanded form include "4,000 + 800 + 20 + 1," "9,000,000 + 800,... Read More »