How to Launch Without a Marketing Plan?

Answer You don't really need a formal marketing plan to launch your business. You do need one if you are going to seek venture funding because any investor wants to know how you plan to attract customers ... Read More »

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Why Is the Marketing Plan One of the Most Important Elements of the Marketing Process?

The marketing plan is important because of the multiple roles it plays in the marketing process. As a summary of a firm's overall marketing direction and goals, it guides current decisions while es... Read More »

What is a business plan as compared to a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is usually a proprietary document, internal to a company, that outlines strategies and tactics for marketing products or services. A business plan is a comprehensive document for e... Read More »

How to Get a Marketing Job Without a Marketing Degree?

Marketing is a popular, yet growing job market. Traditional marketing has changed with the rise of the Internet and it continues to change with the rise of social media. Although many people follow... Read More »

Is there any plan to launch Yamaha's R4, a 250cc bike?

Hi Umesh,It is true that Yamaha is planning to launch a 250cc bike, but it will not happen before 2014, as they are currently focusing on the scooter segment.