How to Landscape With a Split Rail Fence and Shrubs?

Answer Add split-rail fences in the landscaping for a new look in your yard. Look for split-rail fences in many rural areas to mark off property lines and also in small, suburban yards as simple decoratio... Read More »

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How do I landscape with a split rail fence?

Foliage AccentsAllow wild foliage to overrun one side of your fence for an added dimension. Landscape your fence as you would the side of your house by installing rock or bark and planting flowerin... Read More »

How do I split trees for a split rail fence?

Cut Down the TreesChoose trees with long, straight trunks about 8 inches around. Cut down the tree, and cut it into your chosen length for the fence rails. Place the logs on a flat surface safe for... Read More »

How do I install a split rail fence?

PreparationContact your local utility companies to make sure that no water, electric or gas lines are buried near the fence line. Put stakes at all of the corners. Run a string from one to the othe... Read More »

Split Rail Fence Directions?

Split-rail fences are one of the easiest fences to build and maintain. You can stack the rails as a zigzagging "worm" fence or suspend them between posts. You can leave the wood unfinished or apply... Read More »