How to Land a Jump in Parkour?

Answer One of the essential basic moves to drill as a beginner. When done correctly, takes away the shock taken from a drop. If ignored, expect sore joints with the possibility of problematic knees. Pract... Read More »

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How to Jump Down Stairs in Parkour?

We may all seen somebody at a local park or school running, jumping, and generally being really awesome after hours. This discipline is called parkour. Parkour is now a widely known discipline and ... Read More »

How to Land a Jump Like a Cat?

If you would like to be a traceur (art of moving around obstacles efficiently), this is the way to start! Jumping is very important in parkour (the official word used for the sport).

How to Land a Jump on a Scooter?

Jumping on a scooter is a neat trick, but it can be dangerous if not performed correctly. Read on to learn about this stunt.

How to Land a Telemark Ski Jump?

Next time you strap on telemark skis and head out for a day of free-heeling, consider doing a few jumps to impress your friends and the folks on the chairlift. Use these simple steps to land the jump.