How to Know the Causes of an Increased Appetite?

Answer If you are constantly feeling hungry and notice a spike in your appetite above and beyond what you normally eat, it's wise to rule out any physical problems. Does this Spark an idea?

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Cats' Weight Loss, Distended Stomach & Increased Appetite?

Cats with distended abdomens that are losing weight despite an increased appetite are definitely sick. The question is how sick, and what can be done? The answer depends upon accompanying symptoms.... Read More »

How to Suppress Appetite?

Sometimes the quickest way to weight loss is learning how to suppress appetite, thereby reducing your caloric intake. Your body knows when food is not readily available, even if you're intentionall... Read More »

What can i take to increase my appetite?

Several options are available to help increase the appetite. These include prescription and over-the-counter remedies. Treatment may depend on the cause of the problem.The Cause Of Appetite LossApp... Read More »

Best appetite supresent?

Food processers make food that digest in 1 hour, or less. So you are always hungry, always eating.GREAT for them; they make more money.Eat foods that are not processed; ie, not in a box, or bag.A r... Read More »